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Simplify your DADS morning

Here's to you dad,  I know you have always been there for me, teaching me life lessons as I progress through this thing we call life. I know there has been a lot of times I did not listen to you, but I can assure you, later I looked back on those situations and said..."Damn my dad was right." So...

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Socks and Underwear don't need to be "Risky Business"

Since the beginning of time, mens undergarments have been boring. From the classic all white tighty whitey's and socks, to the all black pair that would fade with every wash. It seemed like men were afraid to step outside of their comfort zone when it came to undergarments. Recently guys have been putting more thought into their sock game. Putting a...

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5 Real Reasons To Use Garment Washable Travel Bags

It’s hard to keep your delicates looking brand spanking new. Delicate threads tear easily. It’s simply just a waste to put wear and tear on your clothes. Remember that loose thread? Yeah, say good bye. Here’s why you should use a Garment Washable Bag for every wash. 1. Keep your clothes healthy and looking new Garment washable bags preserve the...

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Be The Better Man: 10 Ways to Increase Your Confidence

True confidence can’t be faked. But true confidence can be achieved. Confidence is the key necessary element for every person. Here’s ten ways to increase your confidence for good. #1 Focus On Your Body Diet, nutrition, & exercise. These things are the necessary component to any type of healthy lifestyle. When you eat good, you feel good. When you’re in...

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Pokemon GO Underwear Party For National Underwear Day at Venice Beach, CA

Want to be the very best? Related Garments is throwing a Pokemon Go Underwear Party for Natational Underwear Day. It starts in Venice Beach and ends at Santa Monica Pier on August 5th, 2016! We Choose You! Event Details Celebrate National Underwear Day in your undies with friends playing Pokemon Go on Venice Beach. The first 50 RSVP's to arrive...

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