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For the sake of laundry day

Remember the days of living at home with mom doing your laundry for you?  You didn’t even have to think about how your clothes were getting cleaned, they just ended up clean and hung up or in your drawers.  Life was so easy just throwing your clothes in the dirty hamper or on the floor for that matter.  Or perhaps you had to learn how to do this arduous task yourself.  Which clothes to wash on cold, warm, or hot.  Which colors or fabrics to tumble dry, dry low or high heat.  Bleach or no bleach? Fabric softener? Don't even get me started on what detergent is the best. This household burden is a big life lesson some don’t experience until they’re off to college, independent to fend for themselves.  Maybe at some point along the process you likely shrunk some of your favorite clothes. Or the colors of the fabrics changed because you wash the wrong colors together.  It’s happened to the best of us when the red sweatshirt turned your favorite white buttoned down shirt pink.  One positive however of having your parents is you never needed to worry about quarters to get the job completed successfully…or unsuccessfully.  Whichever it may be, having a washer and dryer at home is a blessing regardless of the laundry issues, which could arise. In todays current environment with the Global pandemic, we seem to notice a lack of quarters readily available at your local bank or grocery stores.  Seems like the old days of doing laundry are a far cry from running around your house or apartment or your car trying to find that one quarter you need to get the wash started.  Maybe if you have once last look in your car you can find the quarter you dropped somewhere under your driver seat.  Now add the communal laundry room into the mix. The room where your neighbors will take your favorite comfortable socks out of the washing machine so they can do their own wash.  They take all the machines and you're stuck with you second load now watching the clock tick. Some of these machines requiring quarters, which can make laundry day a very frustrating day of the week.  Whether a paid communal machine or your own machine in your home, laundry day is still a chore and more times than not, some of your clothes are bound to go missing. Perhaps your favorite men’s no show socks or comfortable underwear go missing.  You grab only one sock underwear garment from the dryer only to find the sock and underwear bundles missing a sock. Yep, you’ve fallen victim to laundry day.  The sock underwear combo is no longer in sync.  One sock has ghosted you and gone missing.  Now your sock underwear drawer is looking like a 5,000 piece puzzle you are going to dread more than laundry day.

This is where a cheap sock subscription can come to the rescue. For $7 per month plus shipping, a different style of crew sock plus a no show sock for men can be delivered at your door.  You can stop scrambling for one more quarter because you will load up on new socks every month. Now the only thing you have to worry about is your significant other stealing your no-show socks, but the positive is you can match with them since we have select styles for them as well.  

Buy some underwear gift for men. Save him and yourself from laundry day.

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