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Related Garments 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

We all know 2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least. We love when it comes around to gift giving and we like to make it as personalized as possible! With the holiday season just around the corner, there is so much more on our minds than having to think of creative and thoughtful gifts for every person on our list. Here at Related Garments, we have taken the hard work out of it so you can go back to enjoying the best parts of the holidays! Without further or do, here is our top gifts for 2020:


For Him:


  1. The gift that keeps on giving year-round! He’ll never run our of clean socks or underwear again with our monthly sock or undies subscription. Best part is, all you have to do is sign him up and we’ll do the rest of the work by sending over a new pair right to his door every month.


Sock and Underwear Subscription
     2. Does he already have the whole RLTD line-up? The best thing to go with    that is an amazing set of matching pajamas. Finally toss out that old college tee and gym shorts for some of these classic sets:



Gap Pajama Comfortable Set

 3. You can never go wrong with picking up his favorite scent or finding a new one! This is the best time of year for cologne because they’ll usually come in gift sets with a bunch of extra goodies you usually wouldn’t get! This Salvatore Ferragamo gift set is one of our favorites!


Cologne Gift Set
4. The new year kick will quickly start to settle in after the holidays so you should get him started with a new pair of athletic shoes! He’ll be extra excited for that morning run once he sees them.Nike Shoes



For Her:

 1. Can you not get enough of your matching Related Garments socks and undies? Get a matching bra and undie set for your SO this holiday season and the two of you can be rockin’ all year round! (plus, she’ll just fall in love with how comfy they are)Matching Underwear

   2. Comfy and cozy slipper are the new IT shoe for all this time spent in doors. Now there are some new and trendy styles she might even debate wearing out (we may or may not have done so)


 3. Jewelry is always on the top of the list but let’s turn it on its side and make it completely one of a kind! Personalized necklaces, bracelet, or charms will light up her face like the Christmas tree. The ideas are endless, put her name or yours and guarantee she’ll always think of you. Here's one we love!



  1. You could never go wrong with a couples spa day (of course when it is safe to do so) supporting a local business by buying certificates to use in the future! Make sure stay safe and wear a mask, if you want to be stylish on your way there check out our blog on our do's and dont's on couples face masks
  2.  Couple cooking classes are the best but if not possible to take a class right now take it to your own kitchen! Pizza nights are the easiest, buy yourself premade dough and all your favorite ingredients!   
  3. Find an item you both can enjoy together! Perhaps for the house like a fancy charcuterie board for entertaining, pair it with a set of wine glasses and you’re all set.



1. This is the best way to dress up the classic alcohol gift. Everyone loves receiving a bottle of your favorite high-quality vodka or tequila but something I like to do is add a handwritten recipe for a signature cocktail or two that goes with said bottle! 


Get creative with it and even add the ingredients or find some funky vintage glassware.

 2. Getting creative with a homemade piece of art is one of the most personal things you can do! Quarantine has given us many things and the biggest one being time. So, kick-back with a glass of wine and throw on the best messy art YouTube video you can find and go to town. Your friends and family will love something so unique!

3. Bake and wrap your favorite cookie or fudge recipe! Type the recipe on some nice paper to keep displayed in the kitchen. Dress it up in a nice tin and special holiday candy, it’s a perfect contact-less gift to drop off right at their doorstep. 


Written by Lourdes Sandoval 


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