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Do's and Don'ts of Couples Face Masks

Everyday we dedicate too much of our time to scrolling through Instagram keeping tabs on our friends, for inspiration, or simply to pass time. These days it's become the norm to see people wearing their face masks, which tell a message or show off a design. From designer brands to mom and pop types sewing masks at homes, the face mask has become a new fashion statement.  We created masks for couples, but with a twist...the carpets match the drapes. Not only can you match your face mask with your significant other, but throw in some socks and underwear to coordinate.  

DO-Be the quarantine couple others are admiring during their social scrolling. 

DON'T-Never forget to wash your masks.  They are reusable and washable. 

DO-Protect yourself and others by keeping the mask on in public

DON'T-Give your mask to someone else to try on. 

DO-Consider this a unique holiday gift

DON'T-Be the one who forgets to get a gift

Having matching couples face masks will definitely make you the cutest couple out of all of your friends! You've made the extra effort and will have fun taking photos. The Lucky Face Mask (reference the blog featured image) will make you want to kiss one another. The limited-edition unisex polka dot lined face mask is perfect for the fun perfect couple! Featuring a navy blue and pink colors, it's simple simple, yet fashionable. Definitely something that is easy to wear with jeans or a casual outfit!

Our Pride style mask shows unity and flare with our reusable and washable fabrics. There is a nose wire strip, which allows for a better fit on your face giving you extra added protection and comfort. It’ll definitely spice up your life and make you feel sexy!                                                              

Our face mask bundles, there are a pair of socks, boxer briefs, and a face mask.
Giving you matching undergarments that will knock the socks off of your significant other.

With every purchase, an additional mask will be donated to the Los Angeles Mission. So, when you purchase matching couples face masks, 2 more face masks will be donated to those in need. The Los Angeles Mission exists in order to provide help, hope and opportunity to men, women and children in need.

We can’t wait to see you all in your Related Garments gear, so don’t forget to use the hashtag #WEAREALLRELATED on your social media!

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