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5 Types of Panty Styles For Women

With something as intimate as women’s underwear, a little more thought should go into getting it right when it comes to picking out the ideal one for you.

The ideal women’s panties should be comfortable, breathable, and should make you feel good!

There are worse things than ill-fitting underwear, true, but we can all do without being conscious about what our bottoms look like in that lovely fitted skirt — the annoying panty lines, and of course — not walking funny because well, we have on uncomfortable underwear.

If you are on the lookout to explore new women’s underwear options, below are 5 women’s panties options you might like.

The brief

Sexy and barely-there panties are great, but you can’t go wrong with the full brief women’s panties.

Not only do you get full bottom coverage, but you also get great support for your midriff section.

This high rise type of women’s underwear helps to cinch in the waist line, and hardly comes with the panty line problem because it is cut off slightly further below your buttocks area unlike with your typical women’s underwear.

The high cut brief

Being the sexier sister of the full brief type women’s underwear, the high cut brief sits at a higher rise than your typical full brief, and its cut off is higher up on the hips.

Because it sits higher on the waist, you get even more cinched in waistline support. 

Though the hip coverage is thinner, it is still quite a modest women’s panties option.

The bikini

Even after the summer and the fun in the sun beach experience is over; you can still get that fun feeling from the bikini style women’s panties.

Like with your typical bikini bottoms, this style of women’s panties sit’s lower on the waistline, features a high leg cut off, very thin sides and ultimately provides less bottom coverage.

Its structure ensures that you do not have the visible panty line problem, and would be a winner with any fitting dress or skirt.

The boy shorts

Because boys and girls are both amazing and deserve all the same nice stuff, the boy shorts are a more feminine take of your typical men's fitted boxers.

Not only perfect as women’s underwear, but you could also get real being home alone on a mighty hot day with this one.

The thong

The g-string is a big favorite in women’s underwear for a lot of self-loving women, and just about anyone can pull it off.

Ideal for that barely there and breathable feel, the g-string provides an excellent covering for your front lady parts, but zero coverage for your bottom area.

With the g-string women’s underwear, both sides are of a thin string and a third-string that goes up all the way between the butt cheeks.

It might feel a tad uncomfortable when you first try it out especially if you are used to a more conservative type women’s underwear, but gets pretty comfortable to wear after a while.

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