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4 Styles of Matching Underwear For Couples

Here at Related Garments, we are keenly aware of the rising trend of matching underwear for couples. We ourselves rarely go out with our significant other without donning a matching set of briefs and socks. We’ve designed all our clothes to look stylish on both guys and girls so that the both of you can look good together wherever you go. These are some of the top styles that fans often pair together with their order. Maybe it’ll give you some ideas the next time you’re shopping for a gift for your partner.

A Trippy Team

Perfect for your area 51 trip or celebrating the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, where the occasional slip in garments is exposed and people realize you and your other have been matching the whole night! Put your friends in a trance once they see you and your partner rocking this iridescent trippy design. Dazzle the scene and make everyone jealous the next time you go out.

Camo Couple

Nothing makes you feel more confident than rocking matching camouflage style underwear with your partner. This limited edition style goes great with any choice of clothing, plus a portion of the proceeds will go towards Haitian Education Leadership Program. Your partner will fall head over heels for your generosity and taste in matching garments.

Hearts For Him and Her

Nothing says “we love each other” like matching underwear with a heart design pattern. This cute design is perfect for the evening when things get spicy and you’re reminded one last time why before the main course. Every couple needs to experience this combination once of wearing matching undies with hearts.

Cheetah Lovers

For the bold and fearless couples, this is the matching set of undies you’ve always dreamed of. The cheetah is sure to get the blood running once the lights go off and the clothes come off. No couple can really say they’ve lived it up until they’ve went out into town with a matching pair of cheetah style undergarments. I think every couple who has done it would easily agree, it’s 100% not the same as wearing normal matching underwear.

In the end, whatever crazy design or pattern you pick depends on you. As long as you and your partner are both wearing coordinated styles to spark some romance. It’s that fun secret only you and your girlfriend or boyfriend are aware of. Share the excitement with your significant other today and add some fun to your relationship with matching undergarments.

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