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Our best spring cleaning tips and tricks for 2021

We have been spending a lot more time in our homes so we know cleaning schedules have gotten a bit out of wack. We know it’s only February, but time is just flying by! As soon as you know it, it will be beautiful and sunny out, but before we start to think of our warm-weather plans we have to clean up our act...literally. It’s almost spring cleaning time where we finally dust all the hard-to-reach areas we “forget” about, clean out our closets, and get ourselves ready for some new beginnings in the spring! Here are some tips and tricks we compiled that help one stay motivated for our day (or days) of clearing out our space:

Make lists

Start by breaking down what needs to be done, best way to do so is to organize your list from most important to least important and start to work where is best for you. Are you more motivated towards the end of a project or beginning? Lists will also help you not forget even the smallest detail you wanted to get done, especially in these times is the best to take advantage of all this freetime to really go crazy in the cleaning department.

Use cleaner products to get clean

We love to use cleaning products that are not only healthier for you to be breathing during these massive cleaning days, but also that are made better for the planet. We love absolutely anything from the Mrs. Meyer company that can be found online and at any major store. The variation of scents matches anyones needs and all the ingredients plant-derived and they use essential oils (win, win, win!)


More of a monthly subscription person? We got you, Grove Collaborative is a flexible monthly subscription that ships eco-friendly cleaning products straight to your door. You can pick what you get every month and you can try new products hassle free. Not only good for some deep spring cleaning but year round!


How to tackle the closet

One of our favorite things to do during spring cleaning is get to those closets because who can get excited about getting dressed with drawers over flowing with old clothes!? First thing first is to get everything that may be lingering at the bottom of those drawers or in the back of your closet and start sorting. There may be some gems you’ve been looking for or old pieces you should have thrown out years ago (we’ve all done it) either time to start sorting!


One of the best kept secrets everyone swears by is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizingby Marie Kondo. It is a book completely dedicated to the best ways on how to get organized and if your New Years resolution was to rid yourself of some old items you’ve been holding onto, this is is your best bet! She takes you through the process of how to become a more orginized person and some amazing tricks to keep your space as tidy as possible.

Here is a list of house hold items or appliances that we think normally get looked over:

  • Ceiling fans

  • AC filters

  • Window tracks

  • Behind the TV

  • Underneath the faucet

  • Underneath the bed

  • Coat closet

  • Pantry and medicine cabinet

  • What did we miss?

    Cleaning can be a lot of work but it’s worth all the effort when you see the end result. You got this!

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