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Related Garments Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him & Her

Valentine’s day is this week! If you are a procrastinator like most of us, do not panic! We have you covered. Here is a list of thoughtful last-minute gifts that we have curated to help you keep your significant other happy. From things to keep them fit to things that will help them stay comfy. Enjoy and Happy Early Valentine’s Day from Related Garments!

  1. Support their healthy lifestyle!

Either buy them a Peloton, new fitness equipment, or maybe even a meal subscription! Having a partner on board makes habits easier to stick to, so this Valentine’s Day, Yoga Wake Up invites you to grab your S.O. and start a new ritual together— Bedyoga is a fun, easy way to exercise, set intentions and connect intimately with your partner. On top of hundreds of audio-guided yoga and meditation sessions all between 5-15 minutes in length, the Yoga Wake Up app also features Partner Stretch, a couples-only stretch session to get you both moving…and who knows, it may lead to other fun bedroom activities!

yoga comfy Valentine's Day

Tap this link from your smartphone and unlock 25% a membership! 


  1. Personalized jewelry!

With crystals growing in popularity, there’s not a better gift than picking one that caters to your relationship and having it made into a custom piece of jewelry! Here is my personal and favorite custom stone and crystal maker of jewelry. Affordable pricing and amazing energy come with every piece she creates. I will be forever a customer and I highly suggest you try just one of her designs!

jewelry crystal valentines day

  1.  An essential beauty kit for him/her!

There are so many beauty product kits for men and women out there! Find one that fits your partner's vibe and they’ll remember you every time they use part of the kit.  Here are our favorites for both genders!

valentines gift set
Jack Henry
US $76.00
skincare valentine day
Sunday Riley
$130 US

4)  Something for the kitchen!

Whether your significant other loves cooking or not, getting an air fryer for them is never a bad idea. It makes life a whole lot easier, and it’s a nice way to spice things up in the kitchen! If they are a little more familiar in the kitchen, a fancy cookware set would be perfect, and if they are wine lovers then you can never go wrong with a wine opener! Here are my two favorites that I could not live without!

cookware valentines day
$395 US
WINE Valentines day
$39.99 US

5) Winc Wine Subscription

Alcohol Subscriptions are the new wave! It is a fun way to try out new alcohol and it is also a gift that keeps on giving. Here is one of the most well-known wine subscriptions, plus it’s 50% off for Valentine’s Day!


5) Help them stay cozy!

Everyone loves a good waffle robe and no one can ever have too many pairs of house slippers. With the increasing time, one is spending at home, there could not be a better gift! 

parachute valentines day robe
$119.99 US

6) Our Underwear Subscription!

Not only is this a gift that keeps on giving, but it is often something most of us overlook! Keep your significant other looking fresh every month with new underwear. Our underwear will have them looking their best while also keeping comfort in mind!


7) Anything and everything Dyson 

Dyson is your best friend this valentine’s day! They have come out with so many new products that will blow your mind. They have new hair tools that are top-notch and they also have air purifiers! The range of their products is insane. 

dyson valentines day

8) Working from home can be a drag! Help it become a little easier for your partner. 

One of my favorite purchases that I use every day is this Temperature Control Smart Mug! It keeps my coffee just perfect. You can find it at your local Target!

smart mug valentines day

Ember Mug Temperature Control Smart Mug
$129.99 US


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