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Valentine's Day Date Ideas 2021: Quarantine Edition

Valentine’s Day always seems to creep upon us! Luckily for you, we have come up with a couple of different quarantine Valentine’s day plans to make your significant other feel special. From plans that take a little more time to prepare to the best last-minute plans! 

Mixology Class
If you have a little more time to spare before Valentine’s Day and your significant other enjoys fancy cocktails, setting up a virtual or in-person mixology class would be a great way to spice it up for Valentine’s Day. If you choose to do a virtual class here are a few links to mixology kits if you have to purchase the items separately from the class!

Picnic Catering Services
This is one of our favorite ideas for Valentine’s Day! You do need to plan for this since they book up for Valentine’s Day rather fast. It is definitely worth the preparation, as they can set up the picnic beautifully at a breathtaking location of your choice and all you have to do is show up! If you are in the Los Angeles Area, Las Vegas, or Utah, The Picnic Collective is a great choice for a picnic catering service.

At-Home Spa Day
We might not be able to go get our favorite treatments at our local spa but this allows for a well thought out at-home spa day! Here are a few things that would make for an awesome spa day that would definitely impress anyone. 

Scavenger Hunt
You’ve seen it before, it is definitely an all-time classic! Setting up a scavenger hunt for your significant other catered to your memories with them is always a hit. There are so many ways to go about this, from setting it up around your house to driving to different locations. Either way, it will always be something that he or she will remember! Plus, ending the hunt with some food is never a bad idea as well. 

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