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What’s Max Emerson's Undie of Choice? The Maxism Brief.

Max Emerson, writer, director, and self-proclaimed seahorse enthusiast is an anomaly in the system. Not only is Max Emerson a fast rising star in the realm of social media, he’s also a very talented individual. Between his massive 505K Instagram following and his highly popular 70K Youtube following (which accounts for a total of 4,951,947 views), Max Emerson is also...

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The Most Comfortable Underwear for Men Undies List 2016

Your undies are the essential ingredient in every outfit. They say people will judge you based on your clothes but I beg to differ; I think people should judge you just as much as they do with clothes, with the undies you wear underneath. Steve Jobs, once said that the insides of your product must be just as stunning as...

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The Best Matching Socks and Boxer Briefs For Every Occassion

What should you wear to a wedding, your college graduation, on date night, or even when you’re hitting up a party or some cool dive bar or lounge? Maybe you just want to feel good, look good, and present the best person you can possibly be. Well, look no further, Related Garments has curated a list just for you, to...

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Men's Fashion 101: History of Socks

Men's Fashion 101: Every man needs a good pair of socks. The better man has a different pair for every occasion. Today, we delve into man's long relationship with a dear friend, the sock. Related Garments present, the History of Socks. Introduction: Socks have a long history in the lineage of man. For those who have been living under a...

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How to Wear Matching Socks and Underwear

Here at Related Garments we are not ones for giving out relationship advice… but being in the socks and underwear business, we see a lot of men who are blowing it, and women are losing interest in them. Let be honest, we all judge people. From what they wear and look like, to how they act, it’s just human nature....

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