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What’s Max Emerson's Undie of Choice? The Maxism Brief.

Max Emerson, writer, director, and self-proclaimed seahorse enthusiast is an anomaly in the system. Not only is Max Emerson a fast rising star in the realm of social media, he’s also a very talented individual. Between his massive 505K Instagram following and his highly popular 70K Youtube following (which accounts for a total of 4,951,947 views), Max Emerson is also a writer, an actor, director, and model. You can say he keeps busy.

What a lot of people don’t know Max is that Max Emerson is a men’s underwear aficionado. Max not only loves his undies, but he also loves showing them off while looking good doing it. His men's undies of choice? Related Garments. It's no joke, Max knows underwear. And we love that he loves what we have to offer. 

You might also be interested to find out that we've collaborated on a special brief, "The Maxism Brief", which might just be our most comfortable undie yet.

Men's Undies: Max Emerson Chooses Matching Undies and Socks from Related Garments

Left - Related Garments “The Cool” Men’s Boxer Brief Undies With Matching Socks

Right - Related Garments "The Happy" Men's Boxer Brief Undies with Matching Socks

Men's Undies: Max Emerson Chooses Matching Undies and Socks From Related Garments

Related Garments “The Stealth” Men’s Boxer Brief with 2 Pairs of Matching Socks


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Shop "The Maxism" Brief by Max Emerson now

What makes for a good pair of undies?

Good underwear comes in many flavors. But the very best underwear, undies, or boxer briefs for men must have three qualities.

  1. They must look good.
  2. They must fit good.
  3. They must be quality.

In 2016, boxer briefs for men must also be fun, exciting, and cool. Related Garments ensures and guarantees satisfaction in all these regards.

Max Emerson chooses Related Garments, whether it’s for Briefs, Boxer Briefs, or Socks.

We’re proud to present you “The Maxisms” Brief Set, a special collaboration between Max Emerson and Related Garments, which are undies, specifically men’s briefs, that comes with 2 pairs of matching socks.

We recommend you get them while you still can. Shop now.


Want to know more about Max Emerson?

  • You can find Max Emerson writing frequently on his blog http://maxvicious.blogspot.it/ which he famously calls, “Max’s Petting Zoo.”
  • Emerson has also been in plenty of movies, and his IMDB profile has him listed as an actor in Earwig (2011), DipSpit (2011), and Violet Tendencies (2010).
  • But that’s not it, fans of Max can be happy to find a special personalized novel, called “Hot Sissy” which is a detailed memorabilia about his life from the ages 15-18.

Hot Sissy, The Book

Hot Sissy, the novel takes place in redneck Florida and follows Max from age fifteen to eighteen dealing with contemporary friendship, bullying, sexual identity, violence, drug abuse, awkwardly risky sex and other downright apocalyptic behavior. It’s generation Y’s Running with Scissors or Less Than Zero, but with 90% more fistfights! Through redneck parties, alternative schools and countless close calls with the police, Hot Sissy deals with the journey of seeking that fast fleeting sense of self-satisfaction and acceptance.

Only 100 hardcovers left of the limited 500 first edition! Each book comes signed and personalized with a one-of-a-kind Polaroid photo!

  • Max offers two versions of “Hot Sissy”, a special limited edition hard cover copy, as well as a lower priced e-book. Both come highly recommended and highly regarded. It’s a must read for people who are currently in the closet, or have come out of the closet, for that matter, to find someone you can relate to, on a deeper, personal, and spiritual level.

What's Max Emerson doing now?

You can find Max on Social Media:

  1. Instagram
  2. Twitter
  3. Youtube
  4. Facebook

How to support Max Emerson

Max Emerson is currently working on a project called Hooked. Max is writing and directing this self-funded movie. For each brief or undie sold, $5 goes to Max Emerson  so he can make his dreams come true.

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