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Men's Fashion 101: History of Socks

Men's Fashion 101: Every man needs a good pair of socks. The better man has a different pair for every occasion. Today, we delve into man's long relationship with a dear friend, the sock. Related Garments present, the History of Socks.


Socks have a long history in the lineage of man.

For those who have been living under a rock, socks are articles of clothing worn on the feet. You need a good pair of socks, your feet will thank you for them.

One clinical use of socks was to one, protect your Yeezy’s from perspiration.

Yeezy Boosts

Another clinical use of socks were to protect your feet from the cold. Yes frostbite was a real issue back in the day.

But in the modern era, things have taken a turn for the better, and socks have undoubtedly become a staple in a man’s identity, and we think every man should own a good pair of socks, your girl will thank you for it.

We present you, The History of Socks.

8th Century BC: The Genesis

Ancient Socks: The first sock

The first documented source of man wearing socks was around 8th century BC. Yes, that long. During this time Ancient Greeks made socks out of animal skin, for warmth.

5th Century AD: A Symbol of Purity

5th Century AD: History of Socks, Sign of Purity & Holyness

By 5th Century AD, socks were worn throughout Europe as a symbol of purity. You were a holy man, if you were a man who indulged in socks in the 5th Century AD.

1000 AD: A Symbol of Wealth and Class

1000 AD: History of Socks, Sign of Wealth and Class

By 1000 AD, socks became a symbol of wealth and class and usually you were part of the nobility with an admirable collection of socks.

16th Century: The Sock Finally Becomes a Fashionable Item

16th Century: History of Socks, Ornamental Design Begins

The first documented design becomes apparent in socks. The 16th Century sparked a Sock Revolution, an innovation particularly targeting an ornamental design on the side of the sock, the design known then, as a “clock”.

1800s: The Industrial Revolution Presents the Knitting Machine

1800's Sock History, The introduction of the Knitting Machine

Like the steam engine, the Industrial Revolution brought upon many changes, particularly in productivity. During this time, the demand for socks skyrocket, as socks were able to be knitted 6 times faster than by hand. Nevertheless, Knitting machines and hand knitters worked side by side until the 1800’s.

1938 and Beyond: The Introduction of Nylon

Sock History 1938: Introduction of Nylon

Until 1938, socks were typically made of silk, cotton, and wool. Nothing was the same after 1938, when socks were introduced to a nylon blend, which is the same blend still used today. This blend is advantageous in holding form, quickly evaporating perspiration, regulate temperature, and prevent blistering. Science always wins.

The Modern Sock Gets Creative: Introducing Various Cuts

The Modern Sock: Various Cuts

Today socks are introduced with different cuts. You can get a low cut, a high cut, or a medium cut. Socks are now not only good for your feet, but a fashion accessory

Science Wins: Athletic Socks with Faster Perspiration Absorption

Athletic Socks: Steph Curry

With the introduction of science, man has created a new type of fabric, designed especially to absorb perspiration quicker, last longer, and to prevent ailments that can hinder the foot from diseases such as athletes foot.

20th Century: Socks Become A Modern Fashion Accessory

20th Century: Socks become fashionable

It’s a statement, a fashion item, a modern man’s accessory. Not only are your shirts looking good, but socks, long ignored, are finally getting it’s due.

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