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How to Wear Matching Socks and Underwear

Here at Related Garments we are not ones for giving out relationship advice… but being in the socks and underwear business, we see a lot of men who are blowing it, and women are losing interest in them. Let be honest, we all judge people. From what they wear and look like, to how they act, it’s just human nature. We all do it, even the vegans in LA judge me… So that being said, if you are married or single, first impressions are everything.

Have you ever heard the old saying, if you notice your lady lover wearing new or sexy underwear around you that she is usually cheating? She’s trying to make a good impression on someone new. It’s precisely what Related Garments is here for, making a good first impression, or in the married man's case, a new impression. (we are not saying to cheat fellas)

Ok so, you go out with the boys, get a little sauced up and finally ask the cute girl where she is from, and she answers with more than an eye roll. This is good news! Things are going well, and before you know it you two are dancing, you are spinning and the night is coming to a close. You brown out for a little bit and come back to in an Uber. She’s sitting next to you. Holy S**t, you are going home with her.

Now here is the important part. You either, ARE or ARE NOT wearing Related Garments. If you ARE NOT, I would suggest keeping it light and polite… don’t make any sudden moves, because if you do you may look like a fool. But if you ARE? Then here is the plan, if you can remember this at this point.

First off, there are no shoes on allowed at your house, so both of you kick them off at the door. This exposes your socks, perfect. Next offer a drink, wine if you have it. This is classy, and it stains clothes which is our end goal here. Pour two glasses and when you go to sit down accidentally spill a little on your jeans. DAMN! Rip your pants off and say sorry I have to get these in water before the wine sets in the pants. BOOM, now you are exposed in your matching socks and underwear. Job well done. She is now going to ask you about them and be interested. This is your chance to say, oh these? Yeah I match all my undergarments. It’s the first thing I put on in the morning, and the last thing I take off. A lot of things in life go un-noticed, and I find that the most beautiful things are on the inside. After all that what counts. ( Que Puppy dog eyes ).

Job well done sir… Just imagine if you weren’t matching.

Related Garments from West Hollywood Magazine feature - Model in The Cool

Photo credit: Ryan Jerome of West Hollywood Magazine

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