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Fourth of July Style

With 4th of July right around the corner, We are telling you it is ok to break the one major summer rule. PARTY in your socks... Socks are one of those things that go unseen very often. Often mix matched and not the most appealing thing we wear. 

In recent times, for men socks are becoming a fashion statement. They are cool, colorful, and a way to show that you are not a boring robot walking around in Hanes or Fruit of the Loom. Self Expression is becoming more and more dominate in people and there is no better way to show that off than with some colorful socks and underwear. Even in a professional setting it can add a nice pop to any suit and tie. 

So what I am getting at here is there is no better holiday in the world than 4th of July to show off your true colors. Since this holiday is an all day event, you will most likely spend the day in the same outfit. Usually shorts or a bathing suit, leaving your socks perfectly exposed. From the backyard BBQ, beach day, or pool party, please... do everyone a favor and leave the nasty white socks at home.