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Simplify your DADS morning

Here's to you dad, 

I know you have always been there for me, teaching me life lessons as I progress through this thing we call life. I know there has been a lot of times I did not listen to you, but I can assure you, later I looked back on those situations and said..."Damn my dad was right." So this fathers day, I wanted to give you the gift of matching.  
Since your dad has most likely been wearing the same socks and underwear for the past couple years, every dad should check these out. Not only are they a simplified solution to your morning, but they make you look better. Hell, they even increase your confidence on a daily basis. Take one look down at yourself in the morning and say, thats right baby, time to tackle this day head on.
Simplifying his morning is what every dad needs, they are busy enough on a daily basis, weather they are dealing with work, kids, or housework they never get a real day off. Why is matching easier? It is an effortless solution to socks and underwear, like a grab and go simple solution to trying to find a missing sock, or a clean pair of underwear. What we do by packaging long socks, no show socks, and boxer briefs together is give you a choice. No show socks for a warm day in the yard, or a beach day. And casual socks for nighttime or a relaxing day with the kids. Plus it's an extra pair for when you travel.
I can't tell you how many times I have gone on a trip and been short on socks. Always trying to find which pair are the cleanest or least smelly. A situation no one wants to be in. Now when your dad goes out of town for the weekend, or a business trip, he can always know there are two pairs of socks per underwear. I don't know about you but I hate packing. And the visual ascetic of seeing matching patterns or colors with my socks and underwear make the process effortless. No counting how many pairs of socks and underwear I have separately. Now it can be one fluid motion. My socks and underwear are together. And I know if I need to pack more. What dad wouldn't love or need that?
Simplify his morning, and his life this fathers day. 
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