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Socks and Underwear don't need to be "Risky Business"

From the classic all white tighty whitey's and socks, to the all black pair that would fade with every wash. It seemed like men were afraid to step outside of their comfort zone when it came to undergarments.

Recently guys have been putting more thought into their sock game. Putting a little pep in their step to show off the occasional patterns or colors, but still the underwear stayed un-original. What we've done at Related is created a classy way to create the perfect under-outfit in an effortless way...no longer Risky Business. Matching is just a bonus to what we do, and once you do it once, you will never revert back to your old ways. When you look in the mirror at yourself wearing a matching pair of underwear and socks, it gives you a feeling of confidence. You look good, and feel good. The extra boost you needed for the long day ahead and for days to come. 

Risky Business is the edgy feeling you get when you are about to cross the line. A line that has been set by reality telling you these are the basic products you are expected to buy. Go beyond expectations. Meet ones expectations. Women expect you to put more of an effort in your undergarments. Don't make it a risk...make it the norm. 
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