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5 Real Reasons To Use Garment Washable Travel Bags

It’s hard to keep your delicates looking brand spanking new. Delicate threads tear easily. It’s simply just a waste to put wear and tear on your clothes. Remember that loose thread? Yeah, say good bye.

Here’s why you should use a Garment Washable Bag for every wash.

1. Keep your clothes healthy and looking new

Keep your clothes healthy and new with garment washable travel bags

Garment washable bags preserve the state of your clothes. Some clothes require more care than others. Especially high end pieces. Every time you wash your clothes, your clothes are subject to damage. It rubs against other materials. So protect your clothes because they matter, and they keep you looking good. Share the love. Help the wallet.

2. Use it as a hamper

Garment washable bags make perfect hampers

Garment washable bags can also be used as a hamper. Hang it in your bathroom or in your closet. Not only can you throw in your dirty clothes, you can also throw it directly into the wash. Hampers are big, bags are not. Leave out the middle man. Garment washable travel bags are perfect not only for both keeping your clothes clean and fresh, but also protecting them. But they  also make great minimalistic hampers.

3. Travel with it

Garment Washable Bags are perfect for traveling

You can’t take a real hamper with you when traveling. What you can do instead is take a garment washable travel bag. It sucks to keep clean clothes with the dirty. That dirt, sweat, can really ruin your freshly washed clothes. Keep the separation with a garment washable travel bag. You can travel both minimal and clean and organized. With a garment garment washable travel bag, you can do both.

4. Be minimal

Garment washable bags are perfect for minimal living

For those looking to live a minimal lifestyle, clean of clutter, garment washable bags are for you. Get rid of big hampers forever. Garment washable bags also keep your clothes safe from wear and tear. So those living the minimal lifestyle can feel safe that their clothes are safe for long term wear.

5. So you don’t lose your socks in the laundry: missing socks? Problem solved.

garment washable bags prevent missing socks

How many times have you lost socks in the laundry? I can’t even count. The problem may not be as bad when all your socks are black. But how about when your socks are fun, adventurous, & cool? Keep your socks in one place with a garment washable travel bag.



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