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Be The Better Man: 10 Ways to Increase Your Confidence

True confidence can’t be faked. But true confidence can be achieved. Confidence is the key necessary element for every person. Here’s ten ways to increase your confidence for good.

10 ways to get confident: exercise and nutrition

#1 Focus On Your Body

Diet, nutrition, & exercise. These things are the necessary component to any type of healthy lifestyle. When you eat good, you feel good. When you’re in shape, you’re more energetic. These three things should be in your daily routine.

10 ways to increase your confidence - be the man with a plan

#2 Be The Man With a Clear Plan

Be the man with a clear plan. In other words, have goals. Goals are the best way to increase your life outlook, increase hope, increase drive, and ultimately increase your confidence. Having clear goals, reaching for the things important to you, should be a thing every man considers.

how to get confident - focus on yourself and be kind to others

#3 Focus On Yourself & Be Kind To Others

Focus on yourself. Confidence comes from achieving your goals the right way. But also be kind to others. You don’t want to be “that guy” who’s worth a million bucks but the worst person. Focusing on yourself is getting in all the basics of a good life, health, wealth, love, and happiness. 

how to get more confidence - wear better clothes

#4 Wear Better Clothes

Clothes make the man. They really do. Wearing battered t-shirts don’t really fly after college. Every man should have staple pieces in his wardrobe fit for any occasion, be it social, date life, or business. That means having casual, active, business, formal, and semi-formal pieces you can rely on in your closet.

how to get more confidence - confidence comes from within

#5 Confidence Comes From Within

Confidence truly comes from within. We believe this whole-heartedly. That comes from things unseen. These are the things you do behind closed doors. Confidence truly comes from within, from the type of boxer briefs you wear, to how you think and process the world around you.

10 ways to get more confident - seek positivity avoid negativity

#6 Stay Away From Negativity & Seek Positivity

Stay away from negativity and seek positivity. That means being a little easier on yourself. Focus on solutions. Don’t be a complainer. Instead be a problem solver. Don’t be the guy complaining about anything and everything. 

10 ways to get more confident: be prepared for anything and everything

#7 Be Prepared For Any Possible Situation

The worst thing that can happen in sports is a surprise. It’s when game plans are thwarted. It’s when something happens that you never expected. It’s preparing to run a quarter mile when suddenly your coach adds another quarter. 

10 ways to increase confidence: be organized

#8 Be Organized

Organize your tasks, your living space, and your office space. Having a cleanly organized space in where you conduct yourself is crucial in completing tasks on time, helping spur creativity, and generally reducing stress.

10 ways to increase confidence: get knowledgeable, read books

#9 Get Knowledgable 

In other words, get competent. Being competent means you know the answers to any probable problem. Getting competent gets you the big bucks. But even in other areas besides career choices, getting knowledgable can certainly help you in other areas of life.

ten ways to increase confidence: #10 know yourself

#10 Know Yourself

Know yourself. Know what you need, what you want, and how to get it. Know your principles. What are some mantras you live by? Know yourself and you will win all battles. – Sun Tzu. Confidence always comes from within.

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