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With These Brothers, It’s a Match for Men - West Hollywood Magazine

David and Mike Appel When it comes to being a gentleman, they say it’s the inside that counts, but could the saying also apply to what you wear? That’s the hope for Related Garments (RLTD), a new, West Hollywood-based apparel company that’s hoping to change the way men look at what they wear down there. Launched in March 2015, the...

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The Beauty of matching…

Matching: Corresponding in pattern, color, or design; complementary. Matching, it’s a beautiful thing. It is something that gives you confidence, it separates you from the rest of the crowd. When it comes to clothing the power of matching says a lot about the person. It tells you that they are comfortable with themselves, it tells you they have a sense...

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Who Wore Men's Matching Socks & Underwear Better?

Related Garments is one of those things that just bleeds confidence. It’s like your little secret that gets you through the day until you decide to shed light on it. There are those times where we get to do those fun, sexy, or even outrageous photoshoots for your viewing pleasure. So here are some eye candy pieces that we want...

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Spring 2016 Lookbook: The SMS Collection

Related Garments A.K.A The Original Matching Socks and Underwear Co. releases their Spring 2016 lookbook. The S.M.S collection is made for the modern man who craves simplicity yet strives for sophistication in his everyday life. A play off (SMS), the standard text messaging service used by 3.5 billion users worldwide, we've designed the S.M.S. collection with the same savvy yet...

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Shiloh Fernandez by Sean Sullivan "The Impossible Cool"

Cool: /Kool/ adjective. By definition- Fashionably attractive or impressive… What is it like to be cool? What does it mean to be cool? Separating yourself from the rest of the crowd.. Doing things that others are not. Being unique, striving to be different in a way that others notice. This is what we call, the IMPOSSIBLE COOL. Also know as...

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