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Who Wore Men's Matching Socks & Underwear Better?

Related Garments is one of those things that just bleeds confidence. It’s like your little secret that gets you through the day until you decide to shed light on it. There are those times where we get to do those fun, sexy, or even outrageous photoshoots for your viewing pleasure. So here are some eye candy pieces that we want to get your opinion on… Who wore related garments better?

First up, we have the crazy English bloke, James Kennedy. This guy is on a roll. He is a star from the hit reality Tv show Vanderpump rules, and making his way into the nightlife scene as a DJ. But discs are not the only thing he’s jocking… Check him out in one of our two shoots for the Tv show. Hooked up in that Hemsworth style.James Kennedy in Related Garments Matching Socks and Underwear for Vanderpump Rules photo shoot

Next we have an amazing personality who everytime we hang out with him he is constant entertainment and smiles. This photo shoot was particularly fun to send this bearded hunk flying through the air looking majestic as an eagle in some related garments. Here we have Mikey Roe in one of our personal favorites: The Manning.

Mikey Roe in Related Garments jumping in his underwear and no-show socks at Graystone Manor in Beverly Hills


Third is someone who is an underground Hollywood Legend. He goes by the name Rudy. He may be the oldest out of the four featured today be he has the spunk of a twenty year old. His unique look and presence gave us some great content. This guy was balancing chairs on his head while taking photos. He has been around the block before and guess what… He’s going again! 

Rudy in RLTD mens underwear and socks standing next to a piano.

Last but certainly not least we have Shiloh Fernandez. This Young man has been making quite the stir in the Film industry. With a unique look, and great acting chops he was a breeze to shoot. Here he is stepping out of his vintage chevy in the Manning style. He has been known for breaking a few hearts so thats the exact vibe we wanted when we collaborated to shoot with him.

Shiloh Fernandez in Related Garments socks and underwear getting out of a vintage car.

So there are some of our favorite picks for this post of WHO WORE IT BETTER?

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