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On a Mission - Face Masks

Once the pandemic started, like many apparel companies we expanded to create face masks for our customers.  We didn't want to just make them to sell them, but instead it was important as Angeleno born business owners to give back to our city. We're doing our part to make sure no community is overlooked during this unprecedented time. This pandemic does not discriminate between wealthy and poor, white color or blue-collar workers. Everyone is at risk, and everyone deserves to feel safe and protected. It was clear in our effort of selling our existing customer base fun design face masks, we needed the sales to benefit the homeless community. The epicenter known as Skid Row is not far from our office in Downtown Los Angeles so we partnered with the Los Angeles Mission to do a buy one donate one face mask.  Last month we donated over 1,000 face masks to support the community. 

With a mask mandate lifted June 15th, 2021 by the Governor of California, it remains necessary for anyone not vaccinated or serving food in restaurants to continue wearing masks.  Our 3-ply medical masks hopefully supported the staff who are the ones feeding the homeless community. Regardless of a mask mandate, Federal law still requires people wear face masks for protection on flights and other modes of transportation. Not sure if and when masks will be obsolete more so than the new norm. 

Get involved with the LA Mission. There are more people becoming homeless for the first time now than any time in Los Angeles’ history. Los Angeles Mission is on the front lines of providing meals, hot showers, safe shelter, face masks and other life-giving support to people in need.


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