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A Brief Update | National Underwear Day

National Underwear Day is on August 5, so let us brief-ly tell you why we love underwear. It keeps us from ‘jiggling’ in public by covering our unmentionables! Plus, underwear appears in nearly every culture. Today, it comes in all colors, sizes, and fabrics. So all hail our underwear on National Underwear Day!

When it comes to understanding Underwear Day, it is not all about lace and leather. Cotton, Spandex, neoprene, polyester, velvet and so many more materials are used in many different types and styles of undergarments. From Bras to panties, to boxers and briefs, one can always find some sort of garment to go between their skin and the outer clothing layer.

This day is about celebrating those articles of clothing, and the body image we all attempt to cultivate with them. Revel in your undergarments, show them off and smile, for you should be happy with who you are, and embrace that body image! Our underwear matches, or at leasts coordinates with stay put crew socks and or non-slip no show socks...but this is all about the underwear ;). If you want to take your undergarment seriously, check out our underwear subscription program!


National Underwear Day was originally created in 2003, as a campaign promoting a positive body image. Although men were part of the initiative as well, the focus was more on women, and how society perceives their body image. This was during a time when being confident in one’s bare skin was somewhat a new concept, and market trends were rapidly changing. The movement went viral, and National Underwear Day has been celebrated on August 5 every year since.

The first underwear dates back to prehistoric times — with humans wearing a loincloth. During the Middle Ages, men wore linen shorts or ‘braies.’ Women wore a ‘shift’ under their dresses. In Britain, pants were long drawers covering the whole leg. (In fact, the word, ‘panties’ evolved from a shortened version of the word ‘pants.’) But women’s knickers didn’t appear until the 19th century.


While underwear is primarily for protecting clothes from getting stained, the rising demand for lingerie led to more fashionable varieties of underwear. Lady Duff-Gordon of Lucile was the first to create lingerie that freed women from tight corsets. Breakthrough brand Victoria’s Secret was founded in 1977 and made underwear and nightwear both fun and functional for daily wear.

National Underwear Day celebrates boxers, briefs, sports bras, and even some swimsuits. If it is worn underneath your clothing, it is an undergarment worth celebrating! 


In honor of National Underwear Day, we're celebrating by offering a buy one get one (BOGO) on any pair of underwear store-wide. Just add a pair to your cart and the other pair you add will be complimentary when you use the code UNDERWEARDAY at checkout. Our men's boxer briefs will surely be a celebration of their own once you put them on. From men's boxer briefs, briefs, trunks or different fabrics cotton or modal, you can find what you need for yourself or a lucky friend. Be sure to checkout our underwear subscription plan as well.



Happy National Underwear Day!! 

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