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5 Men's Fashion Trends To Know For Fall/Winter 2021-2022

It has been a strange year for the entire world to witness and of course, this has had a considerable impact on fashion but also and above all on the inspiration for designers. While Summer 2021 was full of optimism and full of hope, important notions that translated into lively colors, suits stripped of all formality and jogging pants which came out in force, Fall/Winter 2021-2022 shows an array of equally relaxed collections.

What's new? Experimentation. Designers experimented revisited and reinterpreted its own take on the essentials of the menswear wardrobe as a positive response to current events: the varsity jacket has been deconstructed, the coat is reborn as a comfy bathrobe, the very principle of tailoring is rethought, the ski-suit leaves the slopes to be worn in the city, the balaclava is making a comeback - the wearing of masks has certainly helped with this - and shorts can now be worn in winter. Not forgetting, of course, the cult of leather, geometric patterns and the brightness of red, the flagship color for this season. Take a look at our top 5 men's fashion trends for Fall/Winter 2021-2022. 

1. Varsity jacket

We've seen it in so many television series and all-American “college movies”. The varsity jacket, most notably worn by athletes from the football team, rugby or even baseball from their high school or university, has subtly crept into the menswear collections for Fall/Winter 2021-2022. Our favorite movie by far is "RUDY". With the nostalgic feel of the burgundy sleeves, you can get the same feeling from the Gamer Boxer. (link this). The retro, tessellated print transports you back to those varsity days. Oh? You wanted to match those sleeves? You can definitely do that with our burgundy waistband.

2. Logo caps

In 2021, the baseball cap becomes to men's trends what sneakers are to streetwear: a staple. This streetwear staple accessory, which has now overtaken the bucket hat, the star of these two or three last seasons, elevates any outfit in a fraction of a second and looks even better with a logo front and centre. A simple garment can add a lot. 

3. Sandy + Earthy tones

Amongst safari influences, the ultimate chic and 1970s influences sandy tones anywhere from brown to beige, still have a lot to offer.  Choose matching pieces, or you can the always chic monochromatic look. Our nautical inspired socks, and matching underwear sets, are the perfect compliment to your sandy colored outfits. You’ll be sailing the 7 streets, and people will be calling you “The Captain(link here),” because you’ll be commanding total attention!

4. Ski-wear

Technical materials (such as nylon) are here to stay: the ski-suit leaves the slopes of the most beautiful resorts to take a trip to the city. Since you left the slopes behind, you should have the ability to bring them with you! That’s why you went in the first place, right? Well “The Herringbone(link here),” brief print will give you those snowy white peaks you crave. You can match them with a lush, down filled white jacket - or maybe even that all black ski suit.

5. Statement Tee

The T-shirt with a message is coming back in force this season, whether it's as a tool for expressing our ideals, a way of proclaiming our current thoughts loud and proud, or simply emblazoned with a logo. Check out our T-shirt made out of recycled plastic bottles: https://relatedgarments.com/products/sustainable-tee?_pos=1&_sid=4d159737e&_ss=r

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