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We understand that fit is everything, that's why our garments, undies, and socks are made to fit to the tee. We've checked all our p's and q's on this one. You can bet the house on it.

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Fit's no good if the threads aren't comfortable. We believe that both are equally important, and so we've rightfully done the research. We're very hands on with our product, and we believe there's no other way to do it. If we won't wear it, we won't sell it.

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Style. You're either in the know or you arent. Our styles have been recognized by top producers in almost every industry. Who has cosigned us? You might know who they are: Jamie Foxx, Joe Jonas, & Shiloh Fernandez. It's safe to say they know style.

How It All Started

Related was built on the belief that too many men are ignoring a quick and effortless way to improve their style: upgrading their underwear. By presenting guys with simple, coordinated, and comfortable options, David and Mike have made it easy to ditch your gross, old underwear and put on a more refined set of undergarments.

Our Underwear and Socks

Confidence comes from within

Our secret comes from our philosophy. We believe that everybody puts emphasis on the exterior, when the interior is just as important. Our mission is to instill confidence in every person in the world, and doing that by targeting what really counts, what's within.

We're bringing the fun back in men's basics